Campfire Stories for Adults and Older Children 

New for 2022 a storytelling event for adults and older children at Top of the Woods, you are never to old enjoy the magic of storytelling around the campfire on you holiday in West Wales! 


Milly Jackdaw & Deb Winter have a real passion for sharing their favourite stories and are warm, lively, engaging storytellers!

9pm - 10pm Stories for adults and older children


There's something special about gathering together at night for stories!

To sit watching the fire and listen to stories is to do what your ancestors have done centuries before. 


Hear tales of light and darkness, of strange adventures, of the other world. Frightening and funny, wise and wicked: there's a whole cast of characters waiting to meet you...


"I love storytelling, what drives me most is the desire to inspire wonder in the natural world.  ​I enjoy exploring how the Welsh landscape, human psyche and folklore all reflect each other and I am inspired by the power of stories to mirror our own journey and help us along the way.


I tell stories for children and adults and have shared tales in a wide variety of settings from theatre stages, schools and cosy campfires to nature reserves, woodlands, and festivals." 


"Magic, shapeshifting, wildlife and friendship are themes that  bubble-up into my stories. I'm often to be found on a mossy rock in Tycanol wood or basking like a mermaid on the rocks at Aber Bach as, like Milly, my inspiration comes from nature.

The joys & sorrows, fears & hopes of the human heart are what storytellers share with listeners. And laughter.  I tell tales old and new; dark and light; moving and funny and I look forward to sharing them with you.  Around the fire, strangers become friends..."

Debs website

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£5 per session per booking 

To be given directly to the storyteller

(cash only/no card facility) 

  • 9pm - 10pm​

  • At the courtyard firepit or in the barn depending on weather 

  • Stories are suitable for adults and older children (12 years+)

Put your £5 directly into the storytellers hat or basket to show them you loved their stories!

2022 Dates

Campfire Stories Dates 2022 at Top of the Woods Camping Glamping Pembrokeshire Wales
"Listen to Welsh campfire stories of Pembrokeshire's legends & local tales from around Wales & the UK, when you come camping and glamping during the summer holidays at Top of the Woods"