To tansform a Georgian diary farm hidden down a XXXX long track to Top of the Wood

Eco Camping & Glamping Site!


The Dutch Barn 

The Dutch Barn is our main social hub at the campsite, it hosts our food services, the picnic areas and a hammock garden. The venue is a fantasic social space that has hosted  group gathering from weddings, milestone birthday, life celebrations, creative workshops, storytelling and music. 


The large vast arches of the 1950 Dutch Barn would have stored haybales for the diary cpows but now gives us cover when it is too hot, to wet or too rainy and lookS after us all !     

The Courtyard 

The old Georgin farmhouse is situatied around a central courtyard, that was full of rubbish & junk when we first moved.  After of hard graft we started to wrestle the courtayrd back into to shaper by breathing new life in to the roofless as we now call the Badger Barn - Jons operation ub for the campsite, a communal campfire, the campsite wash up area and our unique and beautiful designed toliets and shower block 

Penrallt Farm
The second visit to the farm
Interior of Cart House
NO Grand Design restoration project please !
Dutch Barn Interior
before the renovation
Woodshed and Animal Pen
this would become the camping and glamping wash up area
Dutch Barn Interiors
Lots of cleaning and painting !
Courtyard and Fire Pit
Lots of clearing, removing brambles, cleaning, landscaping
Woodland River Afon Dulas
Being enchanted in the woods
Walk into the Woods
Trying to keep a grown up head without getting carried away it was hard !
Frenni Fawr the Preselli Hills
Well this view has brought us here, and many of our camping and glamping guests
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