Easter Moon Stories @ Top of the Woods

Full Moon

Imagine a time with no electric lights, a time when nights were so dark that the familiar face of the Moon was a most welcome sight.

This night we're celebrating the Full Moon, its role as light bringer, time keeper - the date of Easter is determined according to the Moon - and inspirer of stories.

If the sky is clear, we'll take a look to see if we can find the rabbit in the Moon, then we'll share stories of what people from different cultures have seen on the Moon's face.

Alice loves to share the wonders of a starlit sky, the stories it inspired our ancestors as well as modern scientific discoveries.


Her website is: www.talesandshapes.com

Recommended donation £5 per session

To be given directly to the storyteller (cash only) 

Storytelling & Covid

  • Storytelling starts from 7pm - 9pm

  • With a 10 minute break 

  • Approx 6 families per session

  • Family and friends bookings will be seated at picnic benches, 2 metres distanced between each bench, in the Dutch Barn 

  • Stories are suitable for children & adults alike

If you have enjoyed the stories place your donations in the storytellers hat!  

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