Meet our Top of the Woods team 


Lisa is a real Doctor Dolittle and has the magic touch when it comes to horses and animals.

Her permanent menagerie includes Eddie her Welsh Cob horse, a Whippet called Brynn, a Jack Russell called Millie, two rescued Harris Hawks and 3 parrots!


Recently, Lisa rescued a 3-week-old semi-wild Shetland pony, whilst out riding, who followed her all the way home. Later she discovered the mother had died and Lisa stepped in to take care of him, feeding the little one every 2 hours, until she found a new home!

She is interested and trained in alternative animal therapies, such as light therapy and horse sense.


Lisa also expresses her creative soul through her love of photography and nature. 


Affectionately known as "Heidi Hawkeye" because she doesn't miss a thing!

Heidi is our queen sewing bee, an incredibly skilled seamstress who sewed all 9 of our new Pioneer Camps! to Jons unique tent design.

She's multi-talented and you will see her on site doing a bit of everything; from welcoming guests, cleaning, to mowing, repairs and much more.

On top of this all, Heidi is a super-mum to her twin daughters & son. 

Heidi adores the pigs at Top of the Woods (yes, we catch her sneaking them treats!). She loves food (knows all the best places in Cardigan!) and being outside in nature 


Laura is our 'busy bee' who works tirelessly to help her local community.


She is often found getting stuck in to a beach clean or organising help for those who need it!


Laura has a BA in Anthropology from Lampeter University, in Wales and lives locally. 

She won “Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability” for her drive and dedication to improve sustainability at the University campus. 

Before becoming a mature student, Laura was a travel agent for 7 years and has been lucky, to have had the chance, to travel the world with her old job.   


If you need any help this summer you can often see Laura with her lovely black Labrador, called BJ that helps her with her camp work. 

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