Create a new woodland for the future!

UK Woodlands have been disappearing from our landscape for many years and now make up approx. 2%* of our landscape. 

Woodlands are important in creating biodiversity & is one of richest habitats for UK wildlife. They are part of our cultural heritage, they promote happiness and well-being and even produce & purify the air we breathe. Woodlands, creates sustainable fuel, the houses we live in and helps to protects us from floods.


In other word trees really matter!

At Top of the Woods we love trees. We want to make a small positive step and plant a new woodland of 2000 native trees in 5 years and to encourage our guests to be part of this story in creating a new woodland. 

In 2-years Jon and I have planted 1300 trees & our guests another 229 trees to the new woodland. This brings the total to 1529 tree in 2 years, & we are well on our way to hitting the target of 2000 trees by 2020.

#Mytree sponsorship programme     

Why not get involved and sponsor a tree for each of your kids & then come back and see who has grown the most, the kids or the trees.


Mark a special event like a birthday, marriage, engagement, passing your exams or to remember someone who was special in your life.  

Or even to say 'I love nature and it rocks!’

What you get when you sponsor a tree 
  • Choose a tree in the newly planted native woodland to sponsor

  • Contribute a new tree to be planted in the following spring in the woodland 

  • We will make a beautiful handmade welsh slate sign, made by a local artisan craftsman, which will be added next to your tree so you can come back & find your tree in the woodland.

  • The sign will include, your name, age, tree type & year of sponsorship

  • Provide care & maintenance for the young tree to give it the best chance to flourish

  • We will take and give you a picture/video of you and your sponsored tree to share with family and friends  

Cost of sponsorship per tree - £25


  • The tree may need to be removed due to illness or woodland management reasons, in this instance another tree will be selected for the sponsorship programme as a replacement

  • Ownership of the land and tree remains with Top of the Woods


Top of the Woods Camping & Glamping Holiday – Pembrokeshire – Wales - UK - Tree Planting

Sponsor a #mytree 

Top of the Woods Camping & Glamping Holiday – Pembrokeshire – Wales - UK - Sponsoring a Tree

An example of a handmade welsh slate sign made by

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* source The Woodland Trust

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