Planting new woodlands @ Top of the Woods

At TOTW we are committed to planting 2000 new native trees to create a new woodland, over the next 5 years. 

This will provide biodiversity for local wildlife, fauna and be a small contribution to growing and protecting the UK’s native woodlands and the species that rely on this environment.   

In spring 2017, we started the first phase, planting 1300 1-year old native saplings and launched a new initiative called #mytree, where you can sponsor a tree and help to create the new TOTW woodland too. 

As a sponsor, you will get the chance to watch your tree grow over the coming years and be happy that you’ve done something positive for the future. 

Why not think about sponsoring a tree, which you can dedicate to someone special, mark an occasion, or even plant one for everyone in the family and see which one grows up first! 


Just send an email or let me know when you come to stay with us in the summer.


  • Find out here why you should love trees! 

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