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Why 'wild play' is the new 'play time'

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

We are living in a time where connection with the outdoor world and wild spaces is disappearing.

Do you remember dirty faces, making mud pies, falling over in the dirt, and scraping your knees. Runaway days with playing outside, running wild in the local park & woodlands, with friends, before hearing your mum call you in for your tea.

It seems a lifetime away from what children get to do these days. Hunched up in front of phone & tablets, worrying away about things that children shouldn’t need to worry about or getting lost in the realms of games where they don’t even get to stretch their legs!

Spending time outside, especially in and around woodland, offers a great many resources for creativity, play and learning, from early years right through to old age.

There is a lot of material & resources to draw from, which can be used in many activities. They cover subjects, from science through to art: a tree to climb, tracks to follow, insects and plants to identify, materials to saw, chop, carve and whittle, dens and shelters to build, earth to sculpt, the rhythm and changing of the seasons and the list goes on.

There is also a deeper aspect, an opportunity to reconnect with our environment, to run free and feel the sun, wind and rain on our skin, hear the birdsong and understand how the world changes through time and to feel their bodies in motion, running, climbing just being physically active.

At Heartwood Adventures, we create spaces, provide activities and tell stories which make positive relationships with ourselves, each other and the natural world. Through these shared experiences, we can weave some woodland magic into the everyday and let kids enjoy the gift of “wild play”.

This summer we are working with Top of the Woods to create their "wild kids" and " wild tots" clubs, where you can let you children go wild! Summer timetable to follow.

Facebook page - Heartwood Adventures

Local kids can come and experience our forest school in March, hosted at Top of the Woods. Find out more & sign up here for these events

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