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7 'Wild things' to do with under-fives at Top of the Woods

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Camping and glamping is great way for your toddlers and preschoolers to get close to nature and just go wild!

Its also great for the whole family, as it gives you the freedom and space to get away from the 'day to day' care and reconnect with each other as a family in a natural setting.

At Top of the Woods, we love nature, we love space and we know that a break is as much about being in the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures in life .

So, dont automatically jump in the car, stay on site and enjoy 7 wild fun things to do with your little wild rascals! (under supervision of course :-)

1. Messy fun in the mud kitchen

Kids love “dirt”, “earth” and “mud” they like to touch it, smell it, play with it, there is something very simple and natural about ‘mud fun’, that in a busy world they don’t have the luxury of time to do.

Let them have their “bake off” in the mud kitchen. I am sure you will love that chocolate “mud pie” your toddler has made for you!

2. Get them giddy in the “Hide & Seek” garden

Discover our new living willow “Hide & Seek” garden. Play peekaboo through the green gazebo, run and hide through the willow tunnels or sit and rest on the big dragon’s eggs nests as your toddler hides from you.

Michelle Cain planting the green gazebo

Created with Michelle Cain, a willow artist and has created sculptures and natural play areas for the likes of Glastonbury, Shamballa and the Welsh Wildlife Centre.

3. Running wild in the wildflower meadows

Simple natural pleasures! With a 27-acre site, only 30 pitches and no cars in the meadows, there is plenty of space for kids to run around and play safely.

Each of the camping and glamping meadows have a large area that is left to grow wildflowers and your toddler can find their first jumping cricket or caterpillars in the meadow!

4. Find the 3 little piggies

Go and find Harry, Gertrude and Myrtle our super friendly Kunekune piggies who live on the farside of the green car park meadow.

Kunekune piggies having breakfast!

You can also help Jon feed our three little piggies in the morning and see them come running and squealing towards you to say hello!

5. Spot our lady chucks planning their “chicken run” adventures

They always seem to be up to mischief our 5 lady chickens, scratching away in the ancient hedgerows, or having a dust bath in the wood shed or running off hatching their next Chicken Run adventure.

All kids love getting to see the chickens and some are even surprised that chicken lay one of their favourite foods “eggs”.

6. Let their imagination go wild and make woodland blobsters ..

Be enchanted with your toddlers with woodland dragons, monsters and fairies, nature crowns or magic woodland wands.

woodland monster

Why not make a dream catcher together and hang it up in the tent and let it catch their dreams, as the fall asleep after a fun day in the big outdoors. Watch them sleeping soundly, the big stars up above with a glass in hand - happy times!

7. After wild time its time for a ice cream time

After all that 'wild adventure' its time for a bit of quiet time or an energy pick me up with a lovely Welsh made family artisan ice creams, sold in reception.

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