The inspiration for the new Pioneer Camps

This year we launch a new glamping experience, our Pioneer Camps, that let you, your family and friends explore your Frontier spirit, without any of the hardship!

Soo Hammond, what are you talking about, I hear you shout!? You need to think of intrepid explorers of new habitats, gold rush towns, finding new opportunities in Australia's mining towns, or the pioneers looking for new homesteads in the new world.

What all these people had in common is an attitude or spirit of exploration of new lands and new experiences and in some cases, creating a new life; a better life. Jon & I were inspired to bring this sense of exploration and adventure together as a glamping experience for our guests, with our Pioneer Camps.

We spend a lot of time with our guests getting to know them over the summer and many have this sense of adventure in common. Some have backpacked or have spent time working abroad or traveled extensively, all on quests to explore new places and have new experiences.

Camping outdoors would have been the way people in the past would have traveled and pitched up, to visit these new places and lands. It was all part of the adventure!

The Pioneer Camps have been created to give you an experience of pioneer camp living with plenty of camaraderie, adventure and fun, but without any of the hardships!

We want our pioneer camps to be your holiday homestead so you, your family and friends can discover your #walesadventure or #findyourepic in Pembrokeshire!

Each camp includes a pioneer lodge, sleeping up to 4 with 2 bedrooms with a living area. You have your own fully equipped covered camp kitchen and dining area, together with a firepit area with seating around the fire, and a tripod and Dutch oven so you can experiment with open fire camp cooking.

Find out more about our new Pioneer Camps

Find out more about group holidays in the Pioneer meadow

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