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Secret Waterfall Trail 2021.jpg
Secret Waterfall Trail - self guided

A woodland adventure! Follow my hand drawn map to find the Secret Waterfall in the woods.

It’s a 2.5-hour (5mile) walk, where you can slow down and take in the nature around you, listening to bird song along the way. 

Once you find the secret waterfall why not enjoy a picnic, make it an all-day adventure, and see if you can make your way back to camp with-out getting lost!

Moon Gazing
Dark Sky Safari 

Join scientist and storyteller Alice Courvoisier for an exploration of the wonders of the night sky. Perfect for families with children aged 7+!

Check out the current phase of the Moon, learn how to look for planets and recognise the major constellations.


The evening will be guided by the group's interest, the time of the year, and the weather!

Top of the Woods - Camping & Glamping -
Bushcraft skills with John Fenna - private group

Find your inner nature adventurer!  John is a professional, published bushcraft and survival expert. He has run expeditions like “World Challenge” and “Raleigh International”, with 30 years of experience he knows a thing or two when it comes to being in Nature and the outdoors!  

Book your private Bushcraft and Nature Discovery session, where you can learn the secrets of the woodland and how to light a fire without matches or make a rope out of nettles!

Campfire Stories at TOTW - social distancing

Join Milly Jackdaw & Deb Winter for an evening of Welsh legends, storytelling, and song.

Discover the secrets of the Pembrokeshire lands in tales of fire and dragons, of Kings and strange things, of animals and otherworlds, of foolery and magic. Be entertained, amused, and perhaps even enthralled by this timeless art!

For young and old and all in-between. Bring your rugs and your sense of imagination as you discover Welsh folklore.

Meet Harry, Gertrude and Myrtle with Jon - private group

Come and meet Jon’s 3 little Kunekune pigs, Harry, Gertrude & Myrtle who love meeting our guests, adults and children alike!  Just ask Jon when he is going to feed them which is usually between 10.30 – 11.30am, depending on his jobs.

Pre book onto Jon's piggie diary and he will take you down to meet the pigs, where you can tickle their favourite spots ( just behind their ears!) and watch them all sit in a row and wait politely for Jon to give them their foodie treats.  

Don’t forget to bring mum, dad, and your camera with you!  

Yoga in the Barn - social distancing

Yoga in the Barn at Top of the Woods was featured in The Guardian, as one of the “best UK camping holidays with activities on site”.

When you stay with us on your camping and glamping holiday this summer, join us & start your day listening to morning birdsong as you practice your warrior moves!

All abilities welcome. Limited spaces available for pre-booking to enable social distancing. 

Dylan's Woodland Dog Walks - social distancing

Join Dylan and me for our daily dog walk and enjoy a sociable Pembrokeshire woodland walk where the dogs can play together and you can meet your fellow guests in the great outdoors!

Check in with Soo when you arrive to see when she plans to take Dylan out for his walk. 

The Barn Cinema - social distancing

This year the Banquet Barn will be transformed into our own little cinema with straw bale seating, showing classic films. Enjoy a little bit of vintage nostalgia together!

Every Saturday in September, 2 showings: 

5.30pm - Family classics (U)


8pm - For the grown-ups (15+)

Free For our Guests!

Top of the Woods Eco Camping & Luxury Glamping Holidays Gives You Space & Freedom to Reconnect with Nature, Yourself & Others in Pembrokeshire Wales UK - Enjoy a Welsh Camping Adventure!