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Wildlife at Top of the Woods 

Check out what wildlife you may see on the campsite, and come and meet our lovely animals!


At Top of the Woods we are a nature-led camping and glamping site in Pembrokeshire Wales, you may be treated on holiday to sightings of a variety of winged creatures, including birds of prey, owls, woodpeckers and swallows, as well as seven protected bat species.

Meanwhile your senses may be rewarded with glimpses of animals on land such as otters, shrews and voles; while reptiles like lizards and slowworms abound this idyllic woodland retreat. With nocturnal animals such as badgers and foxes, and insects including dragon flies and bumble bees.


Please remember wildlife is to be enjoyed from a distance, respected and undisturbed. Some of the wildlife can also be fierce if approached, especially the badgers!

Our Animals at Top of the Woods

Our gorgeous KuneKune piggies - Harry, Gertrude, and Myrtle

Who you can meet when you come for your camping holiday (just book in reception!) They all love cuddles, belly scratches and to show our guest how they love to sit for their food! Guests can help with feeding the piggies by request - but you must not feed them without asking us first! Kunekune are a good-natured breed, but they are farm animals, not pets, so children mustn't be allowed near the piggies unsupervised.

Dylan & Dirk our camp dogs 

Dylan our lovely wheaten terrier, who is very calm (accept if there is a squirrel about) & gentle around the children.  We also have a new camp dog, Dirk our very bouncy & not very calm cockerpoo puppy.  However, he already just loves meeting new people and flipping over to get his belly tickled!

Magnus our Norwegian Forest cat 

Our nickname for Magnus is the  Siberian pocket tiger, and you will see why, when you come camping with us.  Cats can be aloof with strangers, but he may come up to you for a stroke if he likes the look of you & he has been known to visit guests at their tents on a few occasions

The feathered ladies - the chickens

We also have our free ranging feather ladies who love to come round pecking away in the camping meadow and in the courtyard.   The ladies also aren't shy in asking guests for titbits, but please don’t feed them anything, as human food can harm or even kill them. The chickens are free ranging, so this is another reason why all dogs on the campsite must be always on a lead, as dogs cannot be trusted around chickens they don’t know.   

Top of the Woods Provides the Best Eco Luxury Glamping & Camping Holidays in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK. Sustainable Staycations. Beaches. Nature. Woodlands. Dog Friendly.

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