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Pictorial - Summer Wild Gin Weekend

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

21st - 23rd June 2019, we ran our first ever Wild Gin Weekend, a weekend of guided foraging 'for-a-gin', gin creations, tasting and amazing food.

It has made us VERY exited for our Autumn Wild Gin Weekend, September 13th - 15th.

We teamed up with experts, maverick gin makers & entrepreneurs Alex & Ellen from In The Welsh Wind distillery to create a glamping getaway for grown-ups! It was a brilliant weekend filled with sunshine, smiles and of course, GIN! Here's how it went:

On Friday, our guests arrived, settled in to their luxury glamping accommodation & then joined us in the Dutch Barn for our Friday 'Drive Time' Stew.

Saturday is where all the action happened! After Jons scrumptious breakfast, we gathered in the Dutch barn to meet John Fenna - our wonderful foraging guide.

John guided us through plants found on the bridleway & in the meadows. I was surprised at just how many gin ingredients we could forage from the site alone!!

Wall pennywort, rose, elderflower & ground ivy where among some of the highlights.

Then it was time to create our bathtub gins from the ingredients we had foraged, with expert guidance from Ellen at In the Welsh Wind. Accented with Ellen's pre-prepared 'gingredients', everyone made their own perfect blend of wildflower gin.

Lunch time! Delicious focaccia with amazing salads to accompany.. and plenty of tea & coffee to keep us all going!

After lunch we got to create our second gin... this time a blended gin using botanical flavours prepared by In the Welsh Wind. We all got to taste the individual blends and spent plenty of time experimenting to get our flavours just right.

Then, the wonderful Luke gave us a fantastic, informative talk on gin, it's history, making, cocktails etc. Before the bit everyone was waiting for... gin tasting!!

We sampled three gorgeous welsh gins - St Davids Gin, Solva Gin & Cleddau gin. Ellen talked us through the ingredients in each gin, and the amazing stories of smugglers, pineapple houses & festivals behind them. Then everyone got 'proper' gin & tonic made by Luke using the gin they liked best!

After a few hours of free time to soak up the sun, relax & explore, it was time for Jonny's Saturday night BBQ & a Welsh Gin Bar!!

Gathered around the Dutch Barn in the glorious evening sun, before heading back for a brilliant nights sleep in glamping luxury (was it the fresh air or the gin that tired us out?!)

Why not join us for our Autumn Wild Gin Weekend?

September 13th - 15th

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