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Campfire stories, listen to our first legend story!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

To celebrate 2017 as the Visit Wales 'Year of Legends', Milly & I hatched an idea to take the Top of the Woods campfire stories on a "Legends” tour around Pembrokeshire.

Those who stayed with us last summer may have had the chance to enjoy Milly Jackdaw's storytelling around the campfire, where she told Welsh stories, tales from the Mabinogion, tales of dragons, wizards, kings, queens and the 'fair folk' of Wales.

Our plan is to create short videos and audio clips of local folk stories and legends in the actual locations where they are set, and share them with you.

I will also be creating day trip itineraries to inspire you to visit some of these special and mystical places as part of your holiday. With the stories in hand i.e. downloaded to your phones or tablets, you can listen to them at the locations you visit. Of course if you'd prefer the live experience, Milly will also be telling these stories around the campfire!

Here's our first story, filmed just outside Cenarth in the woods

The old man in the cradle – The Changeling

filmed by Soo hammond and Milly Jackdaw

In Welsh folklore, a 'changeling' is where the ‘fair folk’ called the Tylwyth Teg have come to take a human child and swap it for one of their own ‘fair folk’, to be looked after by the human parents.

The changeling child looks ugly, is very demanding, requires feeding all the time, spits and gnashes their teeth. I know some of you parents out there may suspect now you have a changeling :-) !!.

Often these folk tales where told as a way of warning new parents that they needed to be constantly vigilant of their child and not give the fair folk an opportunity to steal it away.

Milly Jackdaws site -


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