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8 Christmas Gifts for Camping Lovers!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Family Camping at Top of the Woods, Pembrokeshire, with Will & Hannah

With Christmas approaching, many of us will still be stuck trying to think of meaningful and actually practical gifts for our loved ones (How many pairs of socks do my brothers actually need?!)

We asked previous guests & entrepreneurs, Will & Hannah from Wingfield’s, who curate quality adventure outdoor equipment, for some great inspirational ideas for camping gifts.

Have a look below for some gift inspiration... or you might even find some inspiration for setting up your own business venture!

Here's what they had to say:

We met Soo and Jon when we stayed at Top of the Woods in August 2017 having just had our little boy, Arthur, in January - it was his maiden camping trip! It’s fair to say we were a little apprehensive at the prospect of taking a baby camping, but we were adamant that we were going to give it a go!

We shouldn’t have been worried - we had an incredible time and as we have come to learn, there is nothing children like more than being outdoors (they sleep amazingly well too! Win-win!). Organisation is key, but your efforts will be rewarded...

There is loads of unique, practical & fun camping equipment out there!

Our vision for Wingfield’s had been alive for a little while already, born out of our love for outdoor living and inspired by our own search for high quality, dependable products.

Fed up of the throwaway nature of many camping items, we had spent time seeking out more traditionally styled, hard-wearing equipment that would sustain us for our regular travels and camping trips.

After realising that we had sourced our own gear from far and wide (the world over in fact), we realised that we would be able to provide a service for other like-minded people by putting together a collection of premium camping products.

Work began while Hannah was on maternity leave and we slowly but surely built up a collection of our tried and tested products.

There is nothing better than winding down infront of the campfire. We absolutely love it when guests add their own special touches with fairy lights, bunting etc!

Our Pembrokeshire visit coincided with us testing some of the products we planned to offer in our store and shortly after our trip we launched our website. During our holiday at TOTW it was great to share our plans with Soo and Jon who were really encouraging!

Having arrived with a roof top camping tent (which wasn’t suitable for the no car zones!), Soo and Jon were completely welcoming and accommodating – finding us a special pitch in an adjacent field that provided spectacular views.

There is nothing like quality, wholesome food to fuel your camping or glamping holiday!

The central barn was the perfect communal space, the ‘drive time’ stew (Soo and Jon are mean cooks!) was perfect for that first evening after travelling.

The excellent storyteller by the camp fire provided Arthur with the perfect wind-down before his bed time.

So much about our holiday at TOTW provided the opportunity for our ideas to grow and the perfect space for us to finalise our website content.

Now our online store has been open for over a year and is going strong, we are constantly reviewing our product range and are extremely proud of the brands that we supply.

The 8 Best Christmas Camping Gifts for Camping & Glamping Lovers!

1. For Coffee Lovers

The AeroPress – £29.99

A good coffee (or tea!) is the perfect way to wake up after an amazing nights sleep in nature

It’s hard to beat the quality of brew this beauty can make! All in a neat little package that just requires the correctly ground beans (fine to medium) and your source of hot water.

2. For Those Foodies

Dutch Oven – from £42.99

The Dutch Oven is so versatile which is why we also supply them in our Glamping Pioneer Camps!

Quite simply the most versatile and hardwearing item of camp cooking equipment you can own – bake bread, pizzas, winter stews or one of our favourites, BBQ beans matched with cornbread.

3. For Those With Little People That Want to get them To Bed!

Cozy nest mattress – £75.00

Happy kids = Happy parents! Many people notice how well their little ones sleep whilst camping & glamping

Often purchased by new parents for use in their home cots; we found this the perfect addition to our camp set up that wasn’t too bulky to pack for our trip.

It meant Arthur settled down into the roof tent and we were happy he was safe and secure – earning us parent chill time in the evenings.

4. For Those Who Love to Daydream...

Hammock – from £45.00

There is not much better than relaxing in nature, gently swinging in your own hammock

Always included as part of our camp set up, you can’t beat some hammock time while enjoying your morning brew or while enjoying your latest read by the campfire… (not too close to the campfire!). We were fortunate to find a good gate post in Soo and Jon’s meadow that allowed us to set them up with the help of our roof rack.

5. For the Budding Artist & Author

Field Notes – from £8.99 (for pack of 3)

You never know where inspiration might hit! Having a notebook on hand is a great way to capture memories, ideas, dreams! Especially whilst on holiday when your brain can switch off from everyday stresses

Beautiful little notebooks that can easily fit into a pocket or small bag, that can always be at hand to capture your inspirations. Even including a waterproof version.

6. For Geeks

Norwegian Wood book by Lars Mytting – £20.00

A good book is many peoples holiday must have!

If you want to Geek-out on winter wood preparation and storage, this is a fascinating read that will make you forever want to wear plaid shirts and buy multiple axes.

7. For Those Who Love Eco

Juniper Ridge Trail Soaps – £28.00

You don't have to compromise on feeling (and smelling!) great whilst camping or glamping.

Produced by a fantastic Californian company that harvest and distill all of their ingredients on the trail. Their body washes, soaps and fragrances are 100% natural and therefore safe to use anywhere.

8. For Those Who Love Camping Glamour

Moorswood Dart Roll Field Rug – £225.00

Rugs are so handy on camping & glamping holidays.. find a nice spot, lay it out and viola!

A piece of absolute camping or glamping holiday luxury. One of the finest field rugs (more than just a picnic blanket!) that money can buy. Our friend Charles Fanshawe manufactures these by hand near Dartmoor from the finest tweed wool, wax cotton and oak bark tanned leather. Truly stunning craftsmanship.

Once you're loved one has got their new camping gift.. they're going to want to try it out! Why not..


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