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Campfire Cooking - How to look after your camping cast ironware

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

"Its so easy to do, they even let the men [john fenna] wash up :-)"

Like all cast iron cookware are great to cook with over an open fire, however they need a bit of care to ensure they give their 'glamping' and 'camping' best.

New Dutch ovens and cast ironware are usually “seasoned” by heating cooking oil onto the surface to seal it and make it almost totally non-stick.

A well cared for Dutch oven becomes a sleek, black, smooth and shiny non-stick multi-purpose cooking implement, an heirloom to take on every holiday adventure!

Watch John's Video

3 super easy steps - Do NOT use soap or detergent only hot water

Step 1 - Use hot water and the chain mail mitten to scrub the pan (this is supplied in your cooking kit - yes, I mean chain mail as in medieval armour!)

Step 2 - Make sure the pan is thoroughly dry

Step 3 - Wipe cooking oil on some kitchen roll and wipe inside the pan (if the pan is still warm even better!)

Have fun with your pioneer adventures and outdoor cooking. Have you booked your stay yet at Top of the Woods

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