Celebrating Love in Your Unique Way

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Guest Blog: Helen Williams a Celebrant at Treasured Ceremonies

One thing you might not know about Top of the Woods is.. we LOVE to host special celebrations! From unique weddings, to life celebrations or 'just cause' friends & family gatherings. There is something amazing about coming together in nature on a camping or glamping holiday.

As Treasured Ceremonies’ wedding celebrant, I get to create wedding ceremonies for all sorts of gorgeous people in venues from formal to funky.

I’m based on the borders between Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, and love both counties - woodland, beach, mountain, meadow, the choice for outdoor weddings is enormous!

- However! -

Wedding Festivals are becoming ever more popular, and TOTW ticks every box for a dream wedding or celebration in the wilds of Pembrokeshire.

Stunning wildflower displays, arches.. the possibilities are endless!

Having a celebrant-led wedding festival means your wedding is experienced by everyone, not simply observed.

Sharing precious moments with loved ones

The lovely Soo has invited me to give more information about what I do; so, here goes!

Everyone can experience a celebration together, even the dog!

What is a “celebrant wedding”?

It's the part of the wedding tradition that everybody remembers!

Think of your wedding as a gathering of your friends and family to celebrate your love, and witness you make promises to each other.

Add to that a very personal ceremony full of romance and symbolism and you have a celebrant wedding. You will have signed the wedding register already at the register office.

The Dutch Barn at Top of the Woods is a great space for festival style weddings

Is it a “real” wedding?

Yes! In fact, this is how it's done in many other countries, including France with all its romantic connotations! If you think about it, a wedding is the only ceremony during which we traditionally sign the register during the ceremony. It's done separately for both birth and death. (You don't register either during a christening or a funeral).

Will I make my vows twice?

You'll make your legal vows at your signing, so I always suggest you write your own vows. It means so much more to be promising what's important to you, rather than the same as everybody else does. You can find advice for this on my website, but I can write them with your guidance of you prefer.

How else does it differ from a registrar ceremony?

I specialise in creating bespoke ceremonies. There are no templates in the process.

I will uncover your story as a couple by meeting with you as well as sending you a questionnaire.

Of course, I will be the person with you on your big day, by then we'll know each other better so I hope I would feel more like a friend leading your ceremony.

The Banquet Barn at Top of the Woods - create your own perfect celebration space

Why would a celebrant ceremony work so well at TOTW?

We'll reflect your love of the great outdoors

Your wedding can be held absolutely anywhere you want it!

If you really, really love being outside, why would you go inside on the most important day of your life?

If you’re lucky with the weather have a full-on outdoor ceremony with a splendid backdrop of hills and forest. No going under cover to sign any paper work.

If the weather’s less kind, we can take the outdoors in to one of the barns. It’s amazing what you can do with a great wedding backdrop, some hay-bales and twinkly lights...

Jon & Soo had their own wedding celebration at Top of the Woods!

Bring the festival vibe into your ceremony

You and your tribe may be at TOTW for the whole weekend, you want to keep the relaxed atmosphere. I only officiate one wedding per day, so if there are glitches in the time we start, I won't be worried (within reason!)

Have fun on your festival style wedding!

Anything goes!

Dogs, children, bring them on! I've written both into wedding ceremonies. Often as part of the symbolism we've included.