The Nature Domes - Behind the Scenes

R. Buckminster Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist. In 1944, he popularised the geodesic dome after its invention by Dr Walther Bauersfeld 30 years before.

“R. Buckminster Fuller firmly believed geodesic dome was nature’s perfect structure. Why so? Simply by enclosing the greatest space with the least amount of material. While remaining in tune with the environment, the dome supports itself without needing any internal columns or walls. The open space it creates gives limitless possibilities of use.” F.Domes

This quote summarises some of the many reasons we decided to retire our wonderful Bell Tents (they are still available to hire, though) and introduce our brand new Nature Domes for 2019.

Take a look at what's involved in setting up glamping Nature Domes at Top of the Woods...

Over winter our Banquet Barn is transformed into a workshop, where Gary (Our onsite handy-man magician!) hand-made each base for the Nature Domes

Whilst making bases & floors for the domes, Gary also started to create the kitchen units which will go outside under the camp kitchens. Can you see him there in the back?!

Getting the bases & floors down. We love how the wood grain shimmers in the sunshine! Double checking that everything is level so no-one rolls out of bed during the night!

Myrtle the pig taking her supervisor job very seriously (and wondering when we stop for a tea & biscuit break!)

The boys working hard right up until sundown! Although with a stunning sunset, I don't think they minded too much.

Dylan also taking his supervisor role seriously... he's much easier to please than Myrtle though! :)

Heave! Getting the covers over the domes took some MacGyver style ingenuity.

Starting to come to together... nearly time for the fun bit of setting up the insides.

Dylan has many talents, helping to assemble furniture is not one of them! (He can't help it though, hard to hold a screwdriver with no thumbs!)

The designed furniture from Unto This Last and beautiful Welsh sheepskin rugs set up ready for cosy glamping nights.

Gary's handmade kitchen units in place, with running water and all camp cooking essentials ready to be used!

First guests! Cockapoos Piper & Ramsey put the domes through their paces, along with their human Amy from DogFuriendly & Tom from Tom Harper Photography.

Ahhh now we can sit back, enjoy the views and wait for guests to arrive!

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