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Up your camping game: 4 luxury hacks

Updated: Jul 30

The best camping is all about making life simpler; camping under the stars, being around the campfire with the people you love. What more is there to life?😊

At Top of the Woods in Pembrokeshire, Wales we offer low-volume luxury camping & glamping so we know a few things about making your camping stay relaxed and luxurious.

Read on for our top 4 luxury camping hacks...

Eco Camping & Glamping in Wales – Luxury Campsite Campfire Tent Bunting.

Camping tip 1 - How to get the best camping sleep

Our wheelbarrows are NOT the best place to get a luxurious camp sleep, but they are perfect for moving luggage, sleepy kids, and dogs around the site.

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – 2 kids sleeping wheelbarrow.

One of the benefits of camping is that it resets our natural sleep cycles as we tune into the natural dawn & dusk, improving the quality of our sleep and restoring energy levels.

However, when camping in the summer, dawn can be as early as 4.45am (on the longest day in June), and on holiday most of us look forward to a luxurious lie-in!

So here are our top tips for a better night's sleep:

  1. Bring an eye mask - especially if you are sensitive to light & you have a light coloured tent.

  2. Blackout bedroom sections - You can buy special blackout additions to camping tents, but why not keep costs down by doing a DIY version with black material draped over the bedroom section?

  3. Bring a hot water bottle - The days can be glorious, but temperatures can drop quickly once the sun goes down. If you have forgotten your hot water bottle, we always keep a few spare, so head up to reception to borrow one.

  4. Get the best airbed you can afford – When it comes to camping beds there is no perfect answer for everyone. But if you have an airbed, top it with a wool blanket or a feather duvet for extra insulation and a luxurious feel. Also if the camping air bed leaks during the night, you will be a bit more protected from the floor. Just don’t forget to bring your puncture kit!

  5. Bring a blanket - Wrap it around you as you enjoy the stars and campfire, giving you a bit more warmth outside & keeping you toasty when you head to bed.

Camping tip 2 - Up your tent appeal for a luxurious glamping stay

Upgrade your tent from functional to luxury by adding a few stylish & practical touches.

 Carolyn Hair <hello@carolynhair.com> Jun 29, 2022, 8:52 AM to me  Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – Fairy Lights Tent.

Sometimes all you want to do is relax and hang out at the campsite, so why not ...

  1. Create an outdoor eating & relaxing area – A covered space outdoors immediately ups your camping game by creating extra space.

  2. Fairy solar lights & tent decorations – Solar fairy lights immediately create a magical feel to your camp pitch. It's also useful for walking back to your tent at night. Our top tip is to run the solar fairy lights down the front of the guide ropes, as well as around the door to stop you from tripping.

  3. Bring a hammock - We all need a bit of hammock time! Relax, be in the moment, catch up on a good book, watch the local wildlife, or just have an afternoon nap.

Camping Tip 3 - What to bring for gourmet camp cooking?

Cooking over an open fire makes everything taste fantastic but with a few little extras you can make this campfire cooking into camp-fine dining

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – Campfire Stew.

  • Pre-prepare your first night's meal – A total camping game-changer! To have your first meal pre-cooked is pure luxury after a long car journey and putting up your tent. A hearty summer camp stew is perfect and easy to transport & reheat in one pot. Or if you didn't get the chance to be that organised check our onsite holiday food planner, to see what food is available when you arrive.

  • Buy and shop local - Take the hassle out of camping prep by buying your food locally rather than bringing it with you - there will be more space in the car. Enjoy the freedom to grab what you fancy on the day and sample local ingredients and delicacies.

  • Bring your favourite spices for cooking - Many people just bring salt, pepper, and oil for cooking but spices take up no room and add an extra punch of flavour. I also grow fresh herbs around the campsite so feel free to pick a handful to add to your camping feast.

  • Bring a cafetiere or an aero-press for the coffee lovers. There's no need to miss out on good coffee when you are camping and you need tools to make the coffee of amazingness. Or join us at the weekend for a relaxed Jonny’s Weekend breakfast where we serve freshly ground organic & fairtrade coffee.

  • Bring a Dutch Oven - If you want to take your camp cooking up a notch, cooking on cast iron is the way to go. The Dutch Oven is the iconic classic outdoor cooking pan and the way it retains heat & cooks the food means you just get great tasting food always (as long as you don't burn it!)

  • Bring the ingredients for a hot toddy around the campfire - Hot chocolate, marshmallow and squirty cream (add rum for the adult version!) A lovely way to keep warm around the campfire at night.

Camping tip 4 - What to bring to have fun and adventure with your tribe

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – 2 Kids Stargazing_telescope.

  • Pack that book you have been wanting to read / favourite glossy magazine / brain teasers and puzzle books.

  • Bring binoculars or a telescope if you have them for stargazing. The dark skies are awesome in Pembrokeshire (our campsite was voted the number 1 campsite for stargazers) or book a dark sky safari and let Dr Alice share the stories and legends of the stars above.

  • From flying kites to playing Kubbs, don't forget outdoor games to play with your family or friends.

  • Craft box so the kids can glam up your tent decorations. Think dream catchers, windmill flags, or make giant bubbles in the meadows!

So now you're set to bring the glam to your camping staycation in Wales this year.

All you need to do now is book your pitch or glamping accommodation.

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