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Two sustainability tourism awards in one week!

Updated: Mar 6

“A Pembrokeshire campsite that has gone the extra mile to improve its local environment has been celebrated at a national awards ceremony. “

This was the headline for the Green Key award at the 25th Annual Tidy Wales awards. Only the previous week, Jon & I had also won the Best Sustainable Tourism Business in Pembrokeshire, in the Visit Pembrokeshire Awards 2016.

Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards - Winners Sustainable Tourism and Best Marketing

Now for a person who has never won anything before in her life (except £50 in a Royal Mail Xmas raffle when i was a postwoman at nineteen!), I was surprised, giddy and excited when Jon and I won!

We both feel so proud; not in a “look at us” kind of way, but proud in a way that on cold wet days, when the site looks like an invasion of giant moles with soil mountains everywhere, and the place looks a mess, we're doing something special.

Landscaping the site out of season

The stress of doing things you have no experience in, but you just have to learn (thank goodness we have the internet to turn to!). The endless doubts, of will everything be finished in time for the new season, have we planted the wildflower seeds too late, will we be able to manage what we need to do for the new trees?

Deep breath, Nature is amazingly tolerant and patient of the inexperienced and yes it will all be okay, as we have now have learned.

Proud that two and half years ago, we chose to ignore our fears and doubts, we chose to just get on and do it. To create a new life and our own business that makes us happy, is sustainable, enriching and unique and provides our guests Nature inspired happiness. Proud that the hard work has paid off and is also recognised by our peers in the vibrant Welsh tourism sector. This is a moment to enjoy for us at Top of the Woods and gives us the heart to undertake all are other plans in this area.

Book your holiday at Top of the Woods glamping campsite in Pembrokeshire Wales UK -  Today!
Book your holiday at Top of the Woods glamping campsite in Pembrokeshire Wales UK - Today!


Top of the Woods Provides the Best Eco Luxury Glamping & Camping Holidays in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK. Sustainable Staycations. Beaches. Nature. Woodlands. Dog Friendly.

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