The making of Top of the Woods firepits

"Who doesn’t love a campfire? toasting marshmallow, telling campfire stories, enjoy our new Welsh handmade firepits when you come glamping with us this summer!"

This year, we are upgrading the firepits for the Eco Boutique Safari Lodges and getting them made for the new Pioneer Camps, which launch this year.

You can see the workmanship going into making these beautifully elegant firepits, that are made locally at Newport, Wales.

Handcrafted with the attention to detail

Supporting local businesses, artisan and craftsman is important to Top of the Woods, its one of our key values around sustainability.

It supports local economy and keeps these specialised skills and industries alive.

​This year we wanted to get something of quality that would last and look good for many seasons. We found our answer down the road from us!

Yes they were a little more expensive, but you can see why and because they will last longer they are much better value (says the Yorkshire girl in me - but its true!)

This summer, when you are around the campfire take a moment to celebrate the skills that has gone into creating the firepits so you can enjoy the perfect campfire.

  • Book your stay in the Eco Boutique Safari Lodges or the new Pioneer Camps

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