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Walk on Your Wildside with Creative Glamping Holidays in Wales

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Top of The Woods are bringing new creative craft-based holidays to Wales in collaboration with independent artists. The announcement comes on National Walk on Your Wildside Day, which encourages people to step out of the comfort zone and try something new.

We are offering four unique glamping experiences, which inspire people to learn new creative skills from professional artists such as Glastonbury artist Michelle Cain and Landscape Painter Stephen Pitt.

Each holiday features a different skill including crafting willow creations, photography, landscape painting and building your own Welsh dairy stool.

The holidays take place from 10th June - 20th July.

Pembrokeshire is an amazing destination, with natural wild beauty and incredible light and space which inspires a thriving community of artists.

We designed our creative holidays, so our guests could come and feed their creative passions in a fun, social and relaxing setting, whilst being guided and encouraged by professional artists and makers.

Create Craft Glamping Holidays EarlyBird

Each holiday includes boutique glamping accommodation, half board dining and over 20 hours of professional art or craft tuition. The five-day holiday costs £499 per person.

Early bird tickets on sale are buy one place and bring a friend for half price.

Additions can be brought including bringing the dog and accommodation upgrades.

Book before April 30th for you early bird ticket

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