Top 5 Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Christmas is wonderful time of year to come together with your tribe and celebrate the winter festivities. However, there is no escaping the fact at Christmas, we produce even more waste than usual.

Here are some simple ideas to enjoy a more Eco-friendly Christmas

Fairy lights are beautiful, we love our solar powered ones here at Top of the Woods!

1. Christmas Cards

These Christmas cards from Western Sketch are brilliant!

Christmas cards are a great way to spread cheer and let others know you are thinking of them. But after Christmas what happens to them?​ One way to reduce waste is to send e-cards instead.

You can get a bit creative and send personalised messages, pictures and more to your loved ones! There are loads of templates out there, so even the technophobes among us can have a go.

Reuse & Recycle – I reused last years Christmas cards by cutting them up to make labels for presents.

You could also create new cards out of the old ones. Or you could frame them to create beautiful, lasting Christmas decorations!

Many people don't send cards at all - instead they donate what they would spend on cards to their favourite charities.

If you do want to purchase Christmas cards, look for independent crafters who sell Christmas cards as these will often have travelled less miles and you will be helping to bring Christmas cheer to a small business owner & their family!

I love re-using old Christmas cards to make something new

2. Food Over-eating and Christmas go hand-in-hand (well, for me anyway! I’m already having to hide the chocolates from myself!). But do we need heaps of food?

Christmas baking is a great way to spend time together! Baked goods can also make fab presents!

Plan your meals and don’t over-shop the perishable goods to reduce food waste.

Buy local & organic where possible, farmers markets are amazing places to find delicious food, and will lower that carbon footprint (less food miles, pesticides etc!). Buying loose, organic veg without the packaging will help reduce plastic use.

We have fantastic local farmers markets here at Top of the Woods in Pembrokeshire

Compost your veg peelings! This will create beautiful rich soil - you could use it to grow next years Christmas vegetables or feed gorgeous flowers for the pollinators in Spring & Summer.

Soil glorious soil! It's so important for everything! We always try to reduce, reuse & recycle, even by giving the piggies our food scraps!

Use your leftovers – this is probably my favourite tip, boxing day leftover sandwiches always hit the spot! There are loads of recipes out there, from stir-frys to pies.

The BBC have some good ones here.

If you find you have over-bought on long-life food products, why not see if you can donate them to a local charity or food bank? You can find your nearest food bank here.

3. Decorations

Decorations are a great way to add that uplifting Christmassy sparkle, especially on dark, moody winter days.

These pinecones are currently in Soo's dining room in the farmhouse at Top of the Woods.. maybe we could make some glamping decorations for next year?!
It's amazing what you can do with some twigs, holly, pine cones and a bit of imagination!

Every single year since I can remember, me and my mum set aside a whole day to 'deck the halls' together. It means we get to spend some quality time together among all the Christmas madness.

A lovely idea is to go into the great outdoors with loved ones to collect beautiful, natural things to decorate with. This is a great way to spend time outside with each other and lets us top up on a bit more of that Vitamin D that we all need at this time of year!

If you already have plastic or foil decorations, of course reuse them! If they are a bit worn, think about how you can up-cycle them.

There are some brilliant Christmas decoration tutorials out there, too!

Family time is so important. We see on our camping & glamping holidays how much nature can help everyne have an amazing, relaxed time.