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6 Tips to Make Your Camping or Glamping Trip Eco-friendly

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

1. Respect and Enjoy Nature – Leave what you find, take away pictures!

  • Set up your tent in designated camping sites to minimise your impact to nature

  • Borrow a pair of binoculars and have loads of fun seeing nature close but without disturbing their habitat!

  • Keep food and rubbish stored away from easy reach of wildlife. You don't want to wake up in the morning with no breakfast to cook or rubbish all over your camping pitch, because you have had wildlife visitors during the night looking for easy pickings!

Camping in the wildflower meadow
Leave what you find, take away pictures!

2. Cooking Outdoors - Buy local and choose reusable rather than disposable 😊

  • Check out the local independent business and see what camping feasts you can cook over your campfire, its amazing how many tasty dishes you can cook in one pot!

  • Don’t be tempted to use disposable BBQs they cant be recycled and create a fire hazard when they end up in the bins!

  • Choose reusable rather than disposable - Enamelware is the classic camping dining equipment is hardy and looks stylish. Or why not check out stainless steel cups instead of bringing glasses that can break, or disposable cups that end up in the bin after one use!

One pot campfire cooking
Cooking locally produced lamb as a classic Welsh lamb cawl dish over an open fire

3. Eco Camping Equipment - Choose the BEST you can afford. Let there be sunshine!

  • Try to buy the best quality camping equipment you can afford. It will save you money in the long run and you wont need to replace equipment regularly that is not up to the job and ends up in landfill!

  • Pack a set of solar fairy lights. It adds a bit of magic to your camping pitch & is practical at night, so you don't trip up over guide ropes when heading back from the loos!

  • They are lots of solar powered camping equipment out there, from charging up mobiles to a solar shower bags. See what the latest innovations are and remember to read the customer reviews to see which performs the best before buying

Glamping Pioneer Camps at Top of the Woods
Solar fairy lights bring a touch of magic to your camping pitch!

4. Safe Campfires – Check with the campsite if they allow campfires, not all of them do!

  • Use fire pits with the fire bowl off the ground, this stops the grass getting scorched. At many campsite you can hire a fire pit or bring your own!

  • Be safe and never leave a camp fire unattended. With the recent hot summers, the ground can get very dry. Pour water under the fire bowl before you light your campfire fire to dampen the grass/ground and have bucket of water at hand to put out fires quickly

  • Try eco firelighters to get your campfire going there are plenty available now and they work brilliantly. The non eco white firelighters contain mostly kerosene with a urea/formaldehyde resin!

  • It is tempting to collect wood that is lying on the ground for your campfire, but this wood creates habitat and food for many insects & fungi. It also burns very smoky due to the high water content and burns your eyes!

Guests staying in our Glamping Pioneer Camp at night
Campfires at night to keep you warm

Dead wood provide habitat for nature
Dead wood provide habitat for nature

5. Eco Friendly Cleaning - For washing you and your dishes!

  • Use naturally-based shampoo and personal cleansing products. There are plenty of products out there, but a cost effective 'old skool' option is bar of castile soap which is gentle to use for your hair and body. Find out more about the Benefits of Castile Soap.

  • Bring biodegradable washing up liquid for dish washing. At Top of the Woods we provide this free of charge to our guests, so you can cross this off your camping list of things to bring!


  • Recycle your waste – at Top of the woods we have recycle station in each of the camping meadows and all our glamping accommodation.

  • Invest in camping water butt for your drinking water or reusable water bottles. There are plenty available in camping stores and online with some that pack down flat. Remember by not buying bottles of water, you reduce your use of single use plastic & reduce your food miles. Plus you get to try gorgeous wonderful Welsh spring water!

To enjoy & have the best low impact camping & glamping holiday 😊

“leave nothing but footprints?

Take nothing but pictures.

Kill nothing but time.”

Have you booked your Summer Eco Camping & Glamping Holiday Yet?


Top of the Woods Provides the Best Eco Luxury Glamping & Camping Holidays in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK. Sustainable Staycations. Beaches. Nature. Woodlands. Dog Friendly.

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