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7 Free Activities to Keep Kids Entertained on a Camping Trip

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – Children running through meadows.

Top of the Woods in Pembrokeshire offers the perfect blend of camping and glamping for a memorable holiday. With a range of activities available, from stargazing to rockpooling, dolphin-spotting to campfire cooking, there's something for everyone.

Plus, with plenty of free activities in the surrounding area, you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about your budget. So pack your bags, put on your hiking boots, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of nature with your little ones.

Read on for our top 7 budget-beating activities for kids (grown-ups will love them too).

1. Stargazing

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – Safari Lodge Stargazing for kids.

Staring up at the stars and imagining life on planets beyond our own is awe-some for kids of all ages. The perfect thing is that your little ones will learn about the science of the night skies without them even realizing it!

Wrap up warm, grab a blanket, snacks, and gaze up at the night sky - ready to take in the wonder of the galaxy and even the Milky Way. Our campsite in Pembrokeshire is the perfect stargazing spot - voted as one of the best campsites for stargazing in the UK.

To learn more about what you’re seeing, download an app like Star Walk (iPhone) or Sky Map (android). Even better, book a Dark Sky Safari with our resident stargazer, Dr Alice Courvoisier, who combines her expertise with storytelling about the stars.

2. Rockpooling

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales - Rockpooling

Hunkered down amongst the rocks on the beach, ready to glimpse a neighbourhood crab scuttling pass, you can’t beat a rockpooling adventure.

What critters will you spot hiding behind the rocks? Grab a bucket and net, and look out for limpets, periwinkles, shrimps, anemones, jellyfish, starfish, or crabs. Take lots of photos and then journal what you’ve spotted when you get back home.

Some of the best rockpooling beaches near our campsite in Pembrokeshire are Poppit Sands, Cwm y Eglwys, Amroth, Penbryn, Caerfai, Abereiddy, and Wiseman's Bridge beaches.

Remember it’s safety first.

- Wear your wellies or sturdy footwear to protect little toes.

- Watch out for slippery rocks.

- Check the tide times for the beach and head out for your adventure at low tide when you’ll find lots of rock pools.

- Remember to replace everything the way you found it. You don’t want to upend anyone’s home!

3. The magic of campfire cooking and storytelling

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – Child eating smores.

Instead of spending money on expensive attractions, keep it simple, gather around the campfire and tell stories or have fun learning together how to cook over an open flame They could even learn how to make a campfire safely a life skill they will never forget!

And don't forget to indulge in some classic camping treats like s'mores and toasted marshmallows - there's something about cooking food over a fire that just makes it taste better! Here are some easy campfire recipes to get you inspired.

Or during the school holidays let our storytelllers enchant with tales of fairy maidens, dragons, sorcerers, mermaids and even magical pigs. They will delight both children and adults around the communal campfires.

4. Family film at the barn cinema - Free for guests!

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – Barn Cinema

A classic family movie on straw bales beats a boxset anytime. Each half-term and summer holiday, we transform our banquet barn into a cinema, showing classic, family favourites (U / PG) on Saturdays at 6pm & 8pm.

Bring along your popcorn and hand down the magic of movie classics you enjoyed as a kid to your own little ones.

5. Cardigan Bay Dolphin-spotting

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – Dolphin spotting.

Yes, you can go on a dolphin boat trip of course, but if you are looking to save a bit of money why not do a beach picnic & try a bit of dolphin spotting from the coast? This is definitely one for the bucket list for kids.

We recommend heading to Mwnt beach, a stunning National Trust location, set in a sheltered cove at Cardigan Bay.

Perch yourself above the beach, ready to spot bottlenose dolphins and even basking sharks, seals, and porpoises. Or you could try a bit of sea swimming or

paddleboarding too, you might be lucky and even get the chance to swim with them at this beach! Spot a dolphin and your kids have their classroom beating “what I did in the holidays” story ready!

6. Spotting fairies at secret waterfalls

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – family swimming at waterfall.

The idea of a secret waterfall can encourage little legs to go on a nature walk. We have just the thing - a 3 hour (5 mile) walk to Ffynnone waterfall. Make a day of it, stop for a picnic and have a dip in the waterfall when you reach it.

According to the ancient Welsh Mabinogion book, the Ffynnone waterfall is referred to as the gateway to the ‘otherworld”. Will you spot the fairy folk whilst swimming?

Go offline - there’s no mobile signal in the woods so encourage your kids to enjoy the novelty of reading a map! Can you make it back to camp without getting lost?

7. A good night’s sleep

And the best bit, after all these activities have been ticked off, your kids will be out like a light!

Luxury Camping & Glamping in Wales – child sleeping in bed.

We hope these 7 activities have given you inspiration for the school holidays. What will you try out first?

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