Good Times, Camping & Glamping in the Summer of COVID 2020

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

2020 has been an incredible year so far to say the least! Although many of us are now stuck at home again, COVID didn't stop us from enjoying a wonderful summer of socially distanced fun at Top of the Woods.

This years' Summer Photo Competition was the hardest one to judge so far. We hope that these pictures bring a smile to your face and inspire you to plan your next camping or glamping adventure in Pembrokeshire!

Winner 2020 - Pure Piggie Joy - Claire H.

Willow and Jaxon meeting Fat Harry our Kunekune pig! Their camping holiday at Top of the Woods was Jaxons first time meeting a pig, ever! As you can see, Harry loved it just as much as the little ones did!

Runner up - Meadow Games at Dusk - Lynsey J.

Lynsey has stayed with us many times before. Last year, she spent time with friends on our Wild Gin Weekend. This year, she enjoyed socially distanced games in the glamping Nature Dome meadow with her friends. In this picture, they're playing Viking Kubb, an ancient Swedish game!

Runner up - Campfire Sausages - Mike & Jess E.

This was Mike & Jess's first family experience. They had a fantastic family adventure and embraced the art of campfire cooking in the glamping Pioneer Camps! Look at that cheeky little face!

Runner up - Summer Storm - Roz E.

This one felt very apt for 2020! In August, all our guests shared the unforgettable experience of watching a silent lightning storm light up the camping & glamping meadows.

Runner up - Family Storytime - Tom R.

Tom, Sarah, Reggie and Bella spending time outside in nature, after being locked away for months... and of course they all end up in to bed together! A special moment captured whilst camping at Top of the Woods.

Some of our favourites!

The Horsfall Girls - Kate H

After months of being in lockdown, Kate's family came together from all across the country to celebrate a special birthday. There are 3 generations in this gorgeous photo! Can you spot the dress code?

Campfire Moments - Mike J.

Mike, Steve, Nouran & Sophie stayed in our glamping Nature Domes for a weekend of reconnecting & relaxing in Pembrokeshire.

Gimme S'more! - Sarah G.

"Trapped in our bubble, tired out and too many biscuits pretty much sums up 2020 for us!" - Sarah and her family mastered the art of chocolate digestive S'mores during their stay at Top of the Woods!

Welsh Taxi! - Chrissy E.

Meadow camper Chrissy showing us how to have some simple family fun with the wheelbarrows at Top of the Woods!

Little red campervan - Richard H.

Richards cute VW campervan parked up, soaking in the views of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park!

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