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Adventure Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 29

Guest Post by Tom Oswald, Founder of WildBounds, which offers exceptional outdoor kit from independent brands and inspiration for your next adventure!

Top of the Woods, as an independent camping and glamping site ourselves, we love to showcase sustainable local businesses for Small Business Saturday. This includes guests who run their own businesses, aligned with our values.

This year we hosted founder Tom Oswald and the WildBounds team for an adventurous Wild Coasteering weekend which they absolutely loved. (Though they look a bit nervous in their group picture before they started!) Like us, they share a passion for the outdoors, adventures big and small, and living life to the fullest - and I think you peeps do too. 😊

Here is their top 10 gift guide full of inspiring, sustainable pressies for your family and friends (or even yourself!)

1. Retro lighting for any occasion

First up is the Railroad Lantern from Barebones Living, a certified B Corp. Could this vintage-style lamp glow up your next camping trip?

Eco Luxury Camping Glamping – woman with lantern - Wildbounds Xmas Gift Guide.

In 1862, the Union Pacific Rail Road company was founded which became responsible for a vast network of railroads across the central and western USA, running from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. Many of the company’s yards and rolling stock were lit by distinctive globe glass caged lantern. Now they’re incredibly rare and expensive, but you can add the same retro industrial look to your dinner table or campsite with this rechargeable light. It has a vintage look with stunning seeded glass and copper accents but is powered via a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, with a run time of 100+ hours on low or 3.5 hours on high. Check out the Railroad Lantern.

2. Gather around the fire

Eco Luxury Camping Glamping – marshmallow toasting on fire bundle - Wildbounds Xmas Gift Guide..

The warm glow of a real fire is an elemental human pleasure. It has a primal pull harking back to our neolithic ancestors when the flicker of flame carried the promise of warmth, safety, and sustenance. Today, we still find it mesmerising, relaxing, and even mindful. In our busy lives, those things are ever more important. But not everyone can have a real fireplace in their home, or a fire pit in their garden. That’s where the FLÎKR Fire Bundle comes in. It’s a portable and compact fireplace suitable for any indoor or outdoor space, being safe, soot-free, and emitting no carbon monoxide. It's even safe to cook over – s’mores indoors, anyone? It runs on isopropyl rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit. Inexpensive, widely available, and super-efficient - just 140ml will give up to 50 minutes of burn time. Discover the Flikr Fire here.

3. A Xmas tipple, anyone? Premium drinkware

Eco Luxury Glamping Camping - man pouring drink from flask - Wildbounds Xmas Gift Guide.

Whether you’re partial to a single malt, a Malbec, or a martini, there’s nothing like sitting around a cosy campfire with your favourite drink. It’s the perfect way to toast a great day’s adventure. This sleek flask and double tumbler set is designed to hold an entire bottle of wine or spirits. Made from robust stainless steel with a leak-proof lid, it’s built for rough and tumble adventures. The double wall, vacuum-insulated design also keeps drinks at the perfect temperature all day long. And with a patent-pending design that means the tumblers magnetically attach to the top and bottom of the flask, it’s also compact and portable, sliding easily into a bag or pack.

4. Cosy up on starry nights - deluxe blanket

Eco Luxury Glamping Camping Snow Scene Blanket on Stool - Wildbounds Xmas Gift Guide.

Straight from Sweden, woven from 100% super-soft, responsibly sourced merino wool, these toasty blankets are the perfect companions for chilly evenings, whether you’re enjoying starry night skies or practising a little fireside hygge.

Merino wool is naturally antibacterial, so these luxury blankets won’t need frequent washing either – simply air them overnight from time to time.

Find out more here about the Öjbro Vantfabrik’s Wool Blanket.

5. The clever multi-tool everyone needs

Eco Luxury Camping Glamping - multi-tool on blanket - Wildbounds Xmas Gift Guide.

Sometimes, you need a bit more functionality than a pocket-knife alone can offer. That’s why a lot of people turn to a multi-tool – the only problem being, most are so heavy and bulky that they weigh down your pocket, which often makes you understandably reluctant to actually carry the damn thing.

In response, The James Brand has redesigned their best-selling Ellis pocket multi-tool from the ground up. They’ve added a super-useful pair of scissors and improved the ‘all-things’ scraper/pry bar/screwdriver too, whilst also making the blade mechanism a non-locking slip-joint design, which ensures this little beauty is now legal for UK everyday carry.

It has the same partially-serrated Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless-steel blade as previously, which is a versatile blade for cutting rope and ripping cardboard as well as general chopping and slicing tasks.

6. Eco camping slippers

Eco Luxury Glamping Camping - person feet up in slippers outdoors - Wildbounds Xmas Gift Guide..

Whether you’re snuggled up in your camper, enjoying the view from a glamping site or safely ensconced in a cosy bothy, you really don’t want to have to pull your boots on. That’s when camping slippers and hut booties come into their own.

Voited’s take on this most versatile piece of footwear is ready for both indoor and outdoor use. The Soul Slipper boasts a sturdy and grippy outsole, hand-stitched and glued to cosy, fleece-lined uppers. A water-repellent recycled ripstop fabric gives added protection from moisture and ensures they’re lightweight and compact. They’re super comfortable too, thanks to a cushioned heel and memory foam inner sole. For snug evenings after a long day’s adventuring, there’s no better option.

7. The ultimate outdoor survival kit

Eco Luxury Camping Glamping - hiker in woods snow with outdoor survival kit Wildbounds - Xmas Gift Guide.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It’s a favourite mantra of outdoor, bushcraft, and survival instructors. The thing is, they’re not wrong. But planning for every eventuality normally means carrying a ton of extra gear in your pack, adding weight and bulk.

Luckily, there’s a solution, and it comes in the form of VSSL’s ultralight, ultra-compact Camp Supplies survival canister. This mini version is built just as tough as its bigger brother, with a military-grade aluminium housing.

It also boasts a built-in LED torch and a handy carabiner end cap, making it a cinch to take on any adventure – so you’re always prepared, even if the situation goes south.

8. Take your campsite fire wherever you go

Eco Luxury Camping Glamping - Woman at campsite in snow with fire - Wildbounds Xmas Gift Guide.

We absolutely love a campfire, but we’re firm believers in the Leave No Trace code and it’s impossible to have a fire on the ground that doesn’t leave signs of your presence the next day.

The Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe elevates your fuel in order to reduce ground damage. It’s quick and easy to set up – by the time your camping buddy has their tent set up you’ll already have a fire burning. The clever scooped base allows for a clean pack-down and easy ash collection so you can carry them out with you. And the slim pack size means it will slot easily in your rucksack.

9. Photography lovers - rainproof camera case

Eco Luxury Camping Glamping -  Camera Case - Wildbounds Xmas Gift Guide.

Take only pictures, leave only footprints. We agree, but there are some places where even bringing your camera is a real risk. Matador’s Camera Base Layer is designed to ensure you never miss a shot on your adventures again.

Built to protect your camera from bumps, scratches, and water damage, it’s a padded, rainproof case made from tough 30D Cordura fabric, with taped seams and a roll-top closure plus an integrated ripstop nylon rain cover. A high-performance synthetic downfill offers plenty of cushioning for your camera as well as insulation to help prevent battery drain. Suitable for Compact DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Find out more about this Camera Base Layer.

10. Keep your coffee beans fresher for longer

Eco Luuxury Camping Glamping - Coffee Beans in Cannister Wildbounds - Xmas Gift Guide.

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to making great coffee, but keeping your beans as fresh as possible is the best way to start. That’s because exposing coffee beans to oxygen causes them to stale faster. As the days and weeks pass, the more delicate and nuanced aromas and flavours begin to fade.

The solution is MiiR’s Coffee Canister, which features an accordion-style seal, finished with an easy grip, simple twist bezel. This locks in freshness and flavour for longer. Designed to hold a standard 12oz (340g) bag of beans, whole or ground, and with an elegant silhouette, it’s a great addition to any kitchen counter. It’s also portable enough to pack on your next camping trip.

Find out more about the MiiR Coffee Canister.

Thanks so much to our guests from WildBounds for their Festive Gift Guide, which we’re sure has given you lots of ideas and made Christmas shopping a little easier and more sustainable.

It was a pleasure to host founder, Tom Oswald and the WildBounds gang for a glamping adventure earlier this year, offering the hard-working team an opportunity to unwind and reconnect in nature.

Our new Green Office Retreats provide a company getaway with a difference, bringing your people together to build stronger teams, boost creativity and productivity, whilst supporting wellbeing.

Here’s what WildBounds founder, Tom Oswald said:

“Top of the Woods is the perfect blend of nature, comfort, sustainability, and community where as a team you come together to create an unforgettable outdoor glamping adventure. We left with our hearts full, and our souls refreshed.”

Discover how your business could benefit from our Green Office Retreats in 2024.

Have you booked your 2024 camping & glamping getaway yet?

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