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Pentre Ifan...The year of legends is coming

Updated: Mar 6

Pentre Ifan, is part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and is situated in the mythical Preseli Hills (famous for the blue stones of Stonehenge).

The ancient monument dates to approx. 2500BC and has many local stories, legends associated with the cromlech.

The name ‘Pentre Ifan,’ literally translates to Ivans village, but has been known as ‘Arthur's quoit’ and in local folklore as the ‘the womb of Cerdiwen’ who is an enchantress of welsh medieval mythology.

There are many interpretation of what the stones have been used for, that range from burials and ritual use. To a portal for the ‘otherworld’ where you can find the welsh fairy folk “Tlwyth Teg” dancing around the monument on long summer nights.

Milly Jackdaw and Top of the Woods will be sharing some of these local legends, by telling the stories on location in places such as Pentre Ifan and the beautiful ancient woodlands of Ty Canol. So watch this space in the coming months...

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