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My Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Love Trees!

January & February is busy time of year planting new trees. At Top of the Woods we have in three years planted 1529 trees to create a new native woodland with the help of our glamping & camping guests.

This year we planted 229 trees with 25 of them being black poplars, one of the rarest timber trees in the UK! We are now well on our way to meeting our environmental plan to plant 2000 new trees by 2020!

This year, in addition to our tree sponsorship programme, we will commit to planting one new tree, for every camping & glamping holiday booked. This means, everyone who stays with us will be part of creating the new native woodland and will make a positive small step toward a better world & future!

Top of the Woods Camping & Glamping - I love trees

Why you should love trees too!

1. Trees Make us Happy & Healthy

  • Walking in the woods is a great exercise for all of us & helps keep you physically active

  • Being in the woods is good for your mental health it makes you more confident calmer & it reduces stress levels

  • In the digital world we live in we can feel unconnected with people and our emotions. When we spend time in the woods it makes us connect to our natural environment & with each other which promotes happiness

DID YOUR KNOW - In Japan, they practise ‘forest bathing’ known as Shinrin-yoku, where people walk in the forest and woods as a popular type of preventative health care and healing in Japanese medicine

Top of the Woods Camping & Glamping Holiday – Pembrokeshire – Wales - UK - Woodland Walk

2. Trees are important for sustainability & managing climate change!

  • Trees clean the air & reduces C02 & many other toxins harmful to humans

  • Trees roots help to reduce land & soil erosion by stabilising the soil

  • Trees miminimise damage by flooding. as they act as natural flood barriers & their roots stop soil being washed away & causing land slides

  • Trees provide sustainable fuels

DID YOUR KNOW - Trees create oxygen & clean harmful toxins in the atmosphere so without trees we literally would not be able to breathe !

Top of the Woods Camping & Glamping Holiday – Pembrokeshire – Wales - UK - Sustainable Trees

3. Trees are a critical for a healthy ecosystem, creating habitat & bio-diversity!

  • They provide food & shelter to many species of plants, insects mammals & birds

  • Planting new native trees improves local habitat for native species that have disappeared due to agricultural & animal production

DID YOU KNOW - Each oak tree supports 350 species of insects and 30 species of lichen! and provides food and shelter for other woodland mammals and birds!

Top of the Woods Camping & Glamping - Scarlet Elf Cup

This year at Top of the Woods we will plant a new tree for every camping & glamping holiday booked with us!

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