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Planning Your Group Holiday - A Stress Free Guide

Are you the person that everyone turns to when things need to be organised?!! :-) Then this guide is for you!

Bringing people together creates many rewards; lovely memories with friends & family, reconnecting with each other & letting the kids getting to know each other in a free and natural way. However, anyone who has organised group holidays knows it can be hard work bringing everyone together to make it special and memorable

At Top of the Woods we have many groups of family & friends coming to stay for camping & glamping holidays. Here is our guide to planning your next group glamping, camping getaway and making it stress free!

1. Save the Date!

This can be the hardest thing to sort out with people, with commitments planned months ahead or last minute changes, booking time off work, babysitters etc. However the quicker you can sort out dates that suit everyone the better! Remember school holidays and weekends can get booked up months ahead - the longer lead time you have, the more likely you are to get the place you want.

There are many mobile apps out there that can help you with, this especially if there is a lot of you. An application I have used that I found super easy was doodle.com.

You select the dates you want e.g the weekend in June, then send out a link to the calendar & people vote for the best weekends for them. This stops the number of messages you have to respond to when people are explaining auntie Alice is perhaps coming that weekend but hasn't confirmed yet :-)

2. Get a sense of Budget!

We don’t all earn the same, some of your friends might budget down to the last penny whilst others might have a more relaxed approach to their holiday funds.

If its a family getaway, get a price range per family. If its couples/friends, find out what they want to spend per person per night. This will help you when looking for your perfect holiday accommodation.

Ideally, look for places that can offer different budget options that can meet your different group needs. For example at Top of the Woods there are different camping & glamping accommodation options that can suit different pockets

3. Communicate

Create a WhatsApp or Messenger Group, here you can share ideas (and inevitably get distracted!). It's worth setting up a private Facebook event or group too – you can keep this really clean with only relevant info on there.

These group chats will usually define who’s on the ball and who isn’t. You can make it easier for the quieter ones in your group by contacting them individually, getting heard in group conversations can be difficult, after all, we're not all extroverts!

While we’re talking about communication... when booking your accommodation, don’t shy away from the fact you are coming as a group – talk about it! At TOTW we love it when groups book.

It’s always worth a quick call, or a few lines in an email explaining what your group is after before booking accommodation. This makes it so much easier for us to give you the best stay possible.

4. Travel Time

Agree a travel time for everyone in your group (i.e 3 hours to destination) and use that to narrow down your ideal location. You might all be dotted around the country, but this way you should be able to find an area that everyone can happily get to!

Keep in mind places with easy motorway access & public transport options (if needed).

TOTW's Pembrokeshire location is surprisingly easy to get to and has a huge range of different things straight from the ‘doorstep’ to keep everyone entertained!

See our Top 20 Things to do in Pembrokeshire!

5. Make Room for Solo Time!

Obviously, you want to spend time with your tribe, why else are you organising a holiday together?!

But I do think it’s important to have flexibility and make room for some solo ‘downtime’…

Read a book in the hammock garden, take a nap in the sun or even split off into smaller groups and go exploring…

Just don’t feel bad if you don’t want to spend every waking minute with your best mates!

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