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Planning Your Group Holiday - A Stress Free Guide

Are you the master of planning a getaway for friends or family? Look no further! If you're looking for an amazing group holiday, then a camping or glamping trip to Pembrokeshire, Wales could be just perfect for you.

If you are the person that everyone turns to when things need to be organised? Then this guide is for you! At Top of the Woods campsite, we have many groups of family & friends coming to stay for camping & glamping holidays.

Here is our guide to planning your next group glamping, camping getaway, and making it stress free :-)

Top of the Woods Eco Luxury Glamping Campsite in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK - Group camping and glamping holidays
We can help you plan the perfect group camping or glamping holiday in Wales

1. 'Save the date' for your group holiday!

This can be the hardest thing to sort out with people, commitments planned months ahead or last minute changes, booking time off work, babysitters etc.

However the quicker you can sort out dates that suit everyone the better! Remember school holidays and weekends can get booked up months ahead - the longer lead time you have, the more likely you are to get the place you want.

There are many mobile apps out there that can help you with, this especially if there is a lot of you. An application I have used that I found super easyto use is

You select the dates, e.g the weekend in June, then send out a link to the calendar & people vote for the best weekends for them. This stops the number of messages you have to respond to when people are explaining auntie Alice is perhaps coming that weekend but hasn't confirmed yet :-)

Top of the Woods Eco Luxury Glamping Campsite in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK - Group holidays
Creating fantasic memories as friends or family group camping holiday at Top of the Woods in Wales.

2. Communicating with your tribe.

Create a WhatsApp or Messenger Group, here you can share ideas (and inevitably get distracted!). These group chats will usually define who’s on the ball and who isn’t. You can make it easier for the quieter ones in your group by contacting them individually, getting heard in group conversations can be difficult, after all, we're not all extroverts!

Also, agree a travel time for everyone in your group (i.e 3 hours to destination) and use that to narrow down your ideal location. You might all be dotted around the country, but this way you should be able to find an area that everyone can happily get to!

While we’re talking about communication... when booking your accommodation, don’t shy away from the fact you are coming as a group – talk about it! At Top of the Woods, we love it when groups book.

It’s always worth a quick call, or a few lines in an email explaining what your group is after before booking accommodation. This makes it so much easier to give you the best stay possible.

Top of the Woods Eco Luxury Glamping Campsite in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK - Group glamping holidays in pembrokeshire Wales
Staying in our glamping Pioneer Camp as a group of friends, on holiday at Top of the Woods in Pembrokeshire.

3. Group Accommodation to Suit Everyone's Budget.

One of the challenges with groups is, everyone wants different things and have different budgets, or it certainly feels that way! This can make things difficult planning a group getaway that everyone can be included and be happy with. The truth is some of your friends might budget down to the last penny, whilst others might have a more relaxed approach to their holiday funds - How do you keep everyone happy?!!

So, it can be useful if it’s a family getaway to get a price range per family. If its couples/friends, find out what they want to spend per person per night, this can guide you when you are looking for your perfect holiday accommodation.

Top of the Woods Eco Luxury Glamping Campsite in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK - Glamping group holidays in Pembrokeshire Wales
We offer a range of camping and glamping accommodation to suit all budgets at Top of the Woods.

At Top of the Woods, we have a range of accommodation to suit any budget, from camping where guests bring their own tents, to luxurious glamping options for those who don’t have the camping equipment of would prefer to do luxury glamping. There is something for everyone at Top of the Woods, allowing visitors to select the type of accommodation that best fits both their needs and their budget.

Another great option if you want to be all together is to hire exclusively for your group one of the camping and glamping meadows. We don’t charge extra for a meadow hire, but you will need to book all the accommodation in that meadow for the exclusive use for your group and then you can have the option to hire extra group packages like for example, outdoor camp kitchen for your stay, or a large BBQ for the night, or group event shelters.

Exclusive Hire of Camping & Glamping Meadows

  • Safari Lodge Meadow – Sleeps between 16-20 people across 4 lodges in a king-size, 2 single beds and 1 sofa bed). Each safari lodge has their own toilet & showers next to the lodges.

  • Pioneer Camp Meadow – Sleeps between 27–36 people across 9 Pioneer Lodges, in a king-size and two single beds. This meadow has 2 toilets, 2 hot showers and camp wash up facilities.

  • Nature Dome Meadow – Sleeps between 12–16 people across 4 Nature Domes in a king-size & 2 single beds.

  • Campervan Pitches – Sleep up to 12 people across 2 large campervan pitches

  • Camping Meadow – 16 tent pitches (with also the option to hire up to 4 bell tents).

4. Feeding your group on your camping holiday.

When feeding a group of people on a camping trip it can be difficult to find food options that everyone will enjoy. It can be tricky to account for different ages and dietary restrictions, when choosing what meals to provide, so planning ahead is the key here.

Top of the Woods Eco Luxury Glamping Campsite in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK _ group camping and glamping holidays at Top of the Woods campsite.
Feeding your group on their camping and glamping group getaway at Top of the Woods in Wales.

Stay on the campsite & cook yourselves!

Let everyone take care of their own food options for the weekend. Then come together for one main meal for example a group BBQ.

You can ask everyone to bring their own food to the group BBQ or organise with a local butcher/grocer to get a BBQ pack ready for you to pick up or get delivered to the campsite.

Allocate in your group a couple of people who will oversee the cooking & BBQ for safety reasons as you can’t have everyone in your group cooking over an open fire. You may also want to allocate jobs such as washing up helping with food prep, so it doesn’t all come down to you to do it!

At Top of the Woods glamping campsite if you booked exclusive use of one of the camping / glamping meadows - you can hire group extras such as a group BBQ (which will include are large charcoal/woodfired BBQ, tools & fuel for the BBQ). Or you can ask for an outdoor camp kitchen to be set up for the duration of your stay.

Stay on campsite & let Top of the Woods cook for you!

This is probably the easiest option for a group because people can then book for themselves & you don’t have to worry about driving. All you have to do is book, turn up and let us do the rest.

See what food options we have during your stay & book ahead, to ensure you can be accommodated (at least 48 hours’ notice). We may be able to cater for groups outside of these times depending on the size of group, other guest commitments and staff availability.

Go to a local pub/restaurant.

Do call ahead and make a group booking well ahead of time.

During weekends and school holidays pubs and restaurants may find it hard to accommodate last-minute group booking & you will normally need to make a deposit for your group reservation.

You may also want to consider booking local taxis for your group so you can drink and not worry about getting back to the campsite. Ask as reception for local taxi numbers & local pubs.

5. Group activities for your camping or glamping holiday.

Pembrokeshire is an amazing place to visit if you're looking to camp or glamp with your group of friends or family, who love the outdoors.

Top of the Woods Eco Luxury Glamping Campsite in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK - Group Activitites and holidays at Top of the Woods campsite in Wales
We can help you find the perfect group activity on your camping or glamping stay at Top of the Woods.

The area is a mecca for outdoor activities, like walking, swimming, surfing and other water sports. If you want something more organised, canoeing is great for small and large groups, especially if you have mixed abilities. Guided paddle boarding and horseridding is great for smaller groups for up to 10 people, there's something for everyone to enjoy in the Pembrokeshire and the Cardigan Bay area!

If cycling is your thing as a group the area offers great road and mountain bike cycle paths and trails. Just ask in reception for local cycle maps for your gang, or check out our web page to get inspired for group cycling holidays.

If you want to stay on site, you can head off and do the waterfall trail in the woods & bring a group picnic or we can help you organise private group activities such as bushcraft, storytelling, and yoga to come onsite just for your group.

If you want a more relaxed group activity, why not spend the day around the campsite enjoying the beautiful wild meadows and catching up with old friends. If you have kids in tow, let them run wild, play and explore. Who says you have to go anywhere? you are on holiday after all and is it not about being together :-)

Get inspired with planning your group getaway with our Top 20 things to do In Pembrokeshire or ask us about ideas to make it the perfect group holiday for you.

6. Find Your Wild Holidays - make it easy for yourself :-)

Are you too busy to organise a getaway with a small group of friends you’re haven’t seen for ages, or you have a milestone birthday coming up and want to catch up with some of your besties!

Let us make it easy for you get together with Top of the Woods, all-inclusive Find Your Wild weekend holidays in Pembrokeshire Wales, perfect for small groups who love adventure.

Top of the Woods Eco Luxury Glamping Campsite in Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, UK - Group camping or glamping holidays at Top of the Woods
Find Your Wild SUP Safari weekend perfect for smaller groups , at Top of the Woods.

Sleep under the stars enjoying 2 nights camping or glamping, catching up with friends around the campfire, with great conversation and delicious food. Have fun together with an unforgettable adventure, guided by local experts, so you can discover the unique areas that Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay have to offer and creating fantastic moments to treasure with your friends!

We organise everything, all you need to do is book, get here and then enjoy yourselves!!

• 2 days camping or glamping (you choose which one)

• Food for the weekend - Breakfast saturday and sunday, saturday packed lunch and 2 course dinner.

• Your guided adventure in Nature

Groups up to 10 - 12

  • Wild Gin Weekend – Perfect for a girlie weekend to celebrate a milestone birthday or catching up with old school friends.

  • Wild Coastal Foraging – Perfect for foodie groups, to explore local beaches and secret foraging sites.

  • Wild SUP Safari – Perfect for a beginner group who want to try paddleboarding together.

  • Wild Coasteering – Perfect for an adrenalin fuelled adventure in the Celtic sea.

Group up to 4 – 6

  • Wild Sea SUP Adventure – Perfect for more experienced paddleboard groups who want an expert guide to show them Pembrokeshire’s stunning coastline.

If you have been left in charge to plan that perfect holiday for the whole family or group of friends? Pembrokeshire, Wales has everything you need for the perfect group camping and glamping holiday!

Top of the Woods glamping campsite loves hosting groups and with years of experience in helping groups plan their camping and glamping holidays, we have all the tips and tricks you need to make this trip as stress-free and successful as possible. After all it is your holiday too, so check out our guide today and start planning the ultimate group holiday retreat in Pembrokeshire, Wales!

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